Using Computer to Enroll in Online Education

Are you considering online education? Though the degree you'll earn is the same you'd receive at any "traditional" college, nearly everything else about your education will be wildly different from an on-campus experience. You won't need to commute into class; you won't have a live professor to lecture and remind you of deadlines. You'll have to maintain a much stronger sense of self-discipline and dedication to stay on top of your class work. Enrollment for online education works vastly different from traditional on-campus enrollment too. In fact, most enrollments are done online through … [Read more...]

Understanding Your Employee Rights

Employment Exhibition (Photo credit: Modern_Language_Center) When you leave school and begin working for others in California or other states, you aren't alone. You have certain rights as an employee. These rights are mandated by federal and state laws. Reap the benefits of proper treatment during your employment by fully understanding your employee rights. You Have the Right to Earn Minimum Wage There is an actual law that makes sure you aren't paid less than a certain amount per hour. That amount is called minimum wage, and it changes as the economy changes. To find out what the … [Read more...]

Giving the Best Education for Your Kids

Receiving a good education from a top-quality school can open hundreds of doors for children. A child’s school environment can determine what careers he/she can pursue, who he/she networks with, and what he/she can learn. It is for these reasons that many parents make it a personal goal to give their children the best education. The following are some things you will need to do to ensure your children are receiving the best education available for them. Securing the Finances During Contingencies Parents who wish to give their children the best education possible will need to secure … [Read more...]

Shopping Spree for Back to School-On a Budget

It’s possible for the back-to-school shopping list and your budget to co-exist peacefully. If you plan it just right, you can have an all-out shopping spree that will send your kids back to the classroom with the gear and clothes they want while other families are cutting back. Arm yourself with these shopping strategies so you can make the most of your money. Save Money on the Basics Make a list. Knowing the basic supplies your child needs for school will prevent you from wasting money. While your first grader might think it's cool to have a miniature stapler, it's unlikely the … [Read more...]

9 Unique Ways to Have Cash-in-Hand Tomorrow

Many people, especially college students, need a little extra cash, and they need it quickly. If you are one of the millions that could use a few extra dollars here and there through installment loans or other methods, you may be surprised to find that there are tons of ways to make a quick buck. All you need is what you already have, and a little bit of time (though, of course, not much!). Make some fast money with these nine easy tips. Donate Plasma If you are OK with needles, and don't mind giving up a little bit of yourself for the good of others, you can donate plasma. In most areas, … [Read more...]

4 Signs You Need a New Car

All people eventually reach the end of the line with their car. Cars aren’t built to last forever. The problem is learning when to let go. People want to save a dollar, and there's a sentimental attachment to the old beater with the driver's side door that doesn’t quite work, but you need to call it quits at some point. Here’s 4 signs to tell you when your car has been used too long. Smoke From the Hood Seems simple, right? There shouldn’t be smoke under the hood. Of course, this isn’t always an indication of the … [Read more...]

Benefits of Music Downloading

The iTunes music store is chock full of music to download. They even managed to land the Beatles’ coveted album collection to offer for sale, a real coup in the digital music business. Want the new Lady Gaga album, or a hard to find copy of the first release from the Sisters of Mercy? Just log into your account, and you can either buy the entire album, or select a few favored songs for purchase.   The simplicity and ease of downloadable music explains why it is a format that has taken off at an explosive pace. Not simply relegated to one provider, Apple nonetheless seems to offer … [Read more...]

Start Your Networking Early

Networking is how almost everything in this world is accomplished. Without a solid network, be it social or otherwise, you won't be able to get very much done in this world. Life is all about networking with the right people, and if you don't you won't be able to accomplish what you need to do. So start networking as soon as you can. Having a great network starts by getting out and meeting people. Don't be afraid to say hi to everyone you meet. Ask them questions about themselves, and learn what makes them tick if you can. Naturally most people will give you sparse answers and won't turn … [Read more...]

Your Resume and Your Future

Image via Wikipedia A lot of people forget how great it is to have a great work history for reasons beyond just making more money than you currently do. When you have a great curriculum vitae, it means more than just a better job and more money. It also means that you've got a great career you can look at it and look back on with pride in your work. Having a great resume starts out with a great career. When you work hard and you work with a plan behind you, great things tend to happen in your life. As your work history begins to improve, your life overall tends to get better as well. … [Read more...]

The gap Between Education and Money

Image by windy_ via Flickr Lots of people get the impression that as soon as they complete their educations, massive amounts of money are going to flow to them with the mysterious ease often depicted in rap videos. However, this level of speed almost never happens in real life, as fresh graduates often need to search for employment for months on end. Getting a job can be challenging in this day and age. With so many students trained for challenging careers and so few of these types of jobs being created over an ordinary year, it can be extremely difficult to secure this employment. … [Read more...]