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9 Unique Ways to Have Cash-in-Hand Tomorrow

9 Unique Ways to Have Cash-in-Hand Tomorrow

Many people, especially college students, need a little extra cash, and they need it quickly. If you are one of the millions that could use a few extra dollars here and there through installment loans or other methods, you may be surprised to find that there are tons of ways to make a quick buck. All you need is what you already have, and a little bit of time (though, of course, not much!). Make some fast money with these nine easy tips.

Donate Plasma

If you are OK with needles, and don’t mind giving up a little bit of yourself for the good of others, you can donate plasma. In most areas, this will get you a decent chunk of change. You can donate (in the United States, at least) two times in a seven day period.

Keep in mind that you have to have at least two days between donations. In most areas, you can get between $35-$60 for each donation. There are some restrictions to donating plasma, so make sure that you contact a local plasma center to find out exactly what they do and do not allow.

Garage Sale/Yard Sale

Have you been putting off the necessary tasks of cleaning your basement, attic, or shed? Fix your clutter issues and make some fun money at the same time! It may be shocking to realize how much money you can make during a garage sale. If you have collectibles or antiques, you may be able to make more off of them at a garage sale than anywhere else.

Make sure you time your sale well, though. If you have it during the week, instead of the weekend, you may not have anyone show up. This can actually end up costing you money, rather than making you money, once you factor in ads, time, and snacks for when you’re sitting outside.

Become an Affiliate

Setting up a website is all the rage. Becoming an affiliate marketer can make you some quick cash, and it can be fun. Make a blog on a topic that you are interested in, and find affiliate programs to compliment your blog.

There are so many affiliate programs out there that you can find one for almost any market you can think of. Though you generally need to hit a certain sales number before they will cash you out, in many cases this is not a difficult task.

Buy Money

If you are willing to put at least $500 down, you can buy coins from the United States Mint, with free shipping. When you purchase this with a credit card that offers cash back, you win! It’s like getting free money. Just keep in mind that it is requested that you put this money into circulation, rather than just throwing it into your bank account. You may also want to make sure you pay the balance on that credit card, otherwise you’ll gain interest.


Instead of throwing everything in the trash, find out what you can get for recycling certain items. In some states, you can get up to ten cents per plastic bottle that you recycle. Though this doesn’t seem like much, it sure can add up.

In most areas, you can recycle soda cans for cash, as well. Save up these items, and when you need a little bit of extra green, take them to a local recycling plant to bring in some quick cash in a hurry.

Be a Guinea Pig

If you have ever heard about medical tests needing subjects, you may have considered the opportunity. If you are strapped for cash, this can be a great way to get a little bit extra coming in. Many hospitals, clinics, and research facilities are looking for people to try out their new procedures or drugs.

Most of them will pay you for your trouble, as well. Look into the opportunities in your area, and sign up for as many tests as you are able to. If you have a medical condition, you may be able to get your medication for free, as well, which saves you even more money!

Play for Cash

Gambling is a great American past time. Many people are concerned about gambling, though, because they have negative associations with it. If you have a gambling addiction, this is not a good idea for you; however, for others, it could be a fun, easy way to bring in a little bit of spending money.

There are more options than ever before – instead of having to head to Vegas, you can play casino games online! There are also websites that let you play more traditional “time wasters” online that have cash competitions. Find the game you are best at, and have a little bit of fun while making money.

Take Surveys

Companies like to find out what their consumers are doing, thinking, and buying. Because of this, many of them pay for surveys to be taken. Sometimes, they pay in cash, while other times they pay in gift cards. Either way, you can rack up a good amount of money in a day. Generally, you will spend between 5-20 minutes on a particular survey, and can make between a dollar and a hundred dollars.

Sell Your Time

If you have a skill that can help others, use it! Offer your services on craigslist, your local classified, ODesk, Elance, or even on notice boards in your area. For example, if you are great at math, offer tutoring services. Many times, offering your services can start off as a part time thing, and then turn into a full time job. There is no limit on the money you can make when doing what you are good at.

So Go Make Some Money!

When trying to bring in some extra money, you may find that there are many more options than you once thought. Whether you are trying to come up with a few extra dollars for a fun night out, or you realized that you are behind on bills, you can easily make some quick cash to cover it.

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