The gap Between Education and Money

3 generations

Image by windy_ via Flickr

Lots of people get the impression that as soon as they complete their educations, massive amounts of money are going to flow to them with the mysterious ease often depicted in rap videos. However, this level of speed almost never happens in real life, as fresh graduates often need to search for employment for months on end.

Getting a job can be challenging in this day and age. With so many students trained for challenging careers and so few of these types of jobs being created over an ordinary year, it can be extremely difficult to secure this employment. Even when it finally happens, there is generally a gap between a new employee’s pay and how much they get to use for their own purposes after their housing, student loans and other expenses are taken care of each month. With their employment also comes great responsibility.

So when a counselor tells a graduate that they need to get a job as soon as they can, it occasionally falls on hardened ears. It isn’t as if the graduate isn’t listening or doesn’t understand the importance of being employed. The disconnect happens primarily because there seems to be less incentive to seek employment because of the classic rags to riches element of going from being a broke student to being a fairly affluent young professional. After expenses and considering the work already put in, sometimes getting an advanced education can almost seem like a waste of one’s time.

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